The history of DigiWall

DigiWall is the result of a research project at the Interactive Institute that started in 2003. We wanted to create tools for children of all ages were they could be creative, learn and grow. Sound, music, interactivity and technology were our working material and the ideas were many. At an early stage the project took the direction of becoming a game console using music for communication, navigation and gaming experience. We wanted to create fun games were you had to use your body. Computer games are here to stay so why not use the good and fun things with playing and combine them with physical activity and creativity? The result was a hybrid between a climbing wall and a computer game - DigiWall was born. The Interactive Institute, Sonic Studio had the first prototype ready in June 2004. It was shown at the Swedish ICT Institutes annual conference in Stockholm and was an immediate success. That encouraged us to take another step in the development and a year later the next prototype was ready, which is similar to the existing product. Again it was shown at the Swedish ICT Institutes annual conference and this time DigiWall received the People’s Choice Award.

The company Digiwall Technology AB was started in 2005 as a spin-off company from the Interactive Institute. Since then, the company and the product have been further developed. Due to the innovativeness the product has been invited and shown at several high end exhibitions during the years, most notably perhaps the future technology exhibitions Wired NextFest in New York 2006 and in Los Angeles 2007. We are also proud that the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC decided to host DigiWall at the exhibition Children First during the fall of 2007. Pictures from these events as well as several others can be found on the Reference page. During 2006 we delivered a first test unit to a customer in Sweden and since 2007 the product has been on the market. In the spring of 2008 we appointed our first distributor, Innovative Leisure Limited in UK.

DigiWall® is a registered trademark and the product is patented.

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