The hybride between a climbing wall and a computer game

The DigiWall concept is based on a carefully designed balance between senses. The eyes, the ears and the rest of the body becomes equally involved when playing the DigiWall games. A standard DigiWall installation consists of six profiled climbing wall panels with a total of 144 climbing grips. Each grip has a sensor that reacts when you touch the grip with any part of your body. Each grip also has built in beautiful red light that can be turned on and off.

DigiWall is a full body experience, when playing the games you must be free to move all over the wall. Therefore there is no computer monitor, instead there are eight loudspeakers arranged on the top and bottom sides of the wall. Sound and music are used to convey much of the gaming experience. The various DigiWall games are designed to use a balance between senses and abilities. The eye and ear together with strength, balance, body control etc. are the main ingredients in the DigiWall experience. Sound, light and large scale physical gameplay are the main design materials.

Thanks to the many-faceted design concept, DigiWall can be placed in many different contexts. It will contribute to fun and learning in science centres and museums, it will attract visitors and help building image in shopping malls and hotels. Everywhere it will be a unique and future oriented concept.

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