Games and activities for DigiWall®

Games, contests, challenges and various kinds of creative experiences and experiments are all possible with the DigiWall climbing wall. New games are developed on an ongoing basis and upgrading is easy. The games can be divided into the groups in the following.

Simple to understand games

These games have a very low learning threshold and are easy for people of all ages to understand. The games accentuate physical activity and speed. You can compete or collaborate. Example of games: Catch the grip, Scrambled Eggs

Games with more demanding gameplay

These games are also easy to understand but can for the skilled user be played on a more tactical level. Besides the physical activity, these games accentuate body control, flexibility and tactics. Example of games: Pong, Follow my leader

Chill out experiences

 After running the physical games it is nice with the possibility to chill out for a while. Here you have a possibility to work at a lower physical tempo and instead focus the attention to your ears. These experiences are perfect for all ages but particular popular among the older users. Example of games: Sound Memory, Free Climbing

Learning Technology

 DigiWall can also be used for experiments in your science centre. With the DigiWall® Sound Module your visitors can participate and create their own content to DigiWall® and the exhibition. This is also a possibility for you to adapt some of the sound design for different occasions. If you want to go even further it is possible for you to create your own games with the DigiWall® Game Development Module. Games: DigiWall® Sound Module, DigiWall® Game Development Module.

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