Space requirements and supporting construction


 A standard DigiWall installation is 6.42 meters wide and 2.80 meters high. The depth needed concists of the supporting construction behind the wall, the wall itself plus the safety mats in front of the wall. In total the depth sums up to 2.5 meters. An installation like DigiWall attracts visitors. This means that it is a bonus to have space in front of the safety mats for people watching the DigiWall players. The DigiWall comes preassembled and tested from our workshop. At site you need to prepare and build a wooden support structure on to which the DigiWall panels are attached. This structure is connected to your existing walls according to our instructions. We will supply all necessary drawings for the supporting structure. The electrical power requirements are very modest, 110 - 230V and 600W. An Internet connection is required for service and support.

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