Technical data

Dimensions and materials

The DigiWall climbing wall modules are made of glassfibre reinforced plastic concrete The standard DigiWall unit consist of:

- Six climbing wall modules, each with a dimension of: 2800 x 993 x 155 mm

- One selector panel, for selection of game, level and language, with a dimension of: 2800 x 450 x 10 mm On the wall modules are 144 climbing grips, each including a sensor and red LED's Game, level and language are chosen from the selector panel, by simply touching any of the 11 selector grips, also these including sensor and LED's.

The DigiWall unit also includes a computer, a sound system with 8 loudspeaker and 1 sub-woofer and other electronics.

An 6-modular DigiWall unit has a total dimension of: 2800 x 6420 x 155 mm At installation the wall modules need to be placed at a minimum distance of 450 mm from the existing wall.

Not included in the delivery are the safety mats to be placed in front of DigiWall. At site DigiWall need to be connected to an electrical supply of 110-230 V AC and 50-60 Hz. The maximum power requirement are 600 W.

An Internet connection is also required for service and support.

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