Double DigiWall order to a Swedish school

In October 2007, two DigiWall units will be installed at the high school Balderskolan in Skellefteå. Balderskolan is a school for young students in the age of 16-19 that recently has bought two DigiWall climbing walls. One of the DigiWall units will be placed in the main student lobby next to the school cafeteria, and will be available for all the students to use whenever they have a break. The other unit will be placed in a part of the school that also works as a small science center. Not only the regular students, but also younger children will have access to this DigiWall installation. DigiWall at Balderskolan will also be part of the educational program. In addition to the standard DigiWall games, a new game development module will be delivered, making it possible for the students to create their own DigiWall games. The game development module is developed in collaboration with pedagogical expertise.

Published: 07-08-31

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